A Complete Guide to the ToRReZ Market Link || ToRReZ Market Url

ToRReZ Market has retired and is no longer online

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In this guide we explain to you everything you need to know to connect to the ToRReZ darknet marketplace.

ToRReZ Market link (Tor Browser required for access):


ToRReZ currently has close to 40,000 listings, which makes it one of the bigger dark web operations. About half of these listings are for drugs, with almost the entire other half being spam-like listings for guides or software that can be found for free elsewhere. There are much smaller sections for CVV, data dumps and counterfeit items. According to its statistics displayed at the bottom of the page, there are over 256,000 ToRReZ customers, with about 14,000 online at any given moment, and slightly over 1700 vendors (with 793 currently online).

Search results – even just when browsing categories – can be muddled and include stuff that shouldn’t really be there. This leads to a bit of a spam problem, and indeed there are too many listings, but the problem is surmountable with a bit of patience. For example, clicking on the “Laptops” category brings up listings for guides on how to “get free laptops,” and even totally non-related things like money cashout methods.

Like any successful darknet market, ToRReZ is the constant subject of DDOS attacks and phishing attempts. This means you will likely need to solve a captcha when trying to access the market’s landing page (thankfully ToRReZ’s captchas aren’t as annoying as some).

ToRReZ claims to be “the first community-driven market on the Tor network.” We’re not exactly certain what that means, other than they seem to emphasize that they value the feedback of their userbase. In all, they host an excellent selection of reputable vendors and a wide assortment of listed items. We have no problems recommending them to our readers, so long as they follow the instructions outlined in this guide.

Basic Facts about ToRReZ

  • ToRReZ Market Url : https://alphabaymarketlink.com/
  • Year founded: 2018
  • Cryptocurrencies accepted: Bitcoin (BTC), Monero (XMR), Litecoin (LTC), Zcash (ZEC)
  • Total Product/Service listings: 40,000
  • Listing Categories: Drugs & Chemicals, Counterfeit, Software & Malware, Tutorials and e-books, Services, Carded Items, Fraud
  • Multi-signature escrow? Yes
  • Finalize Early? Yes
  • Cost of vendor bond: $500

Before Getting Started

There are a few important subjects which ideally require an intermediate or above level of understanding before attempting to use ToRReZ or any darknet marketplace. They include the following:

  • Cryptocurrency transacting. You must have a familiarity with how crypto transactions work. This includes sending and receiving cryptocurrency. it is best to use bitcoin mixer such as ChipMixer to make yourself safe.
  • The Tor browser. You must have the Tor browser installed and know how to use it in such a way that you can maximize your own privacy while doing so.
  • OpSec. Short for “operations security,” this is the art of putting yourself in the shoes of an adversary in order detect ways in which they could use your internet or other activities against you. If you are not sure what this means, take some time to educate yourself with the idea.
  • PGP. You must know how to use PGP for encrypting and decrypting messages. This includes knowing how to verify a message and sign a message if necessary. You can also use trust worth sites such as TorTaxi and DarkFail.

Don’t Get Phished

As ToRReZ is a highly popular darknet market, they are the subject of many imitators; chiefly those who want you to make a deposit on their bogus site, or else trick you into giving up your credentials for the real site.

They also note that phishers have been “getting smart and creating the mirror addresses starting the same as the legit ones,” which is why it’s especially important to verify the validity of the URL before attempting to log in. To avoid getting phished, we recommend always using the same links every time when logging in the market. Don’t ever just copy/paste a link from a random source. You should attempt to verify links even when from reputable sources, and we tell you more about how to do this later.
Always use links from reputable sources like darkfail and darknetlive.

Disclaimer: This guide is for research purposes only and should not be construed to be advice; legal or otherwise. The authors of this guide do not condone activities that are illegal in your jurisdiction or others. Use the contents of this guide and/or ToRReZ at your own risk.

Creating an Account

After solving the captcha, you will see the option to register an account in the bottom right of the “Returning Customer” box. Press the “Register” button to get started creating an account. Creating an account at ToRReZ is simple and requires that you enter the following:

  • Username
  • Password (twice)
  • PIN (for purchase confirmation)
  • Captcha

After you have entered this information and are ready to proceed, press the “Register” button toward the bottom of the screen. Next you will be transported to a new screen with your account mnemonic. This is a series of words that can be used to recover your account if you ever lose access to your password or username. You can think of it as similar to a seed phrase used to recover a crypto wallet.

After you have saved your seed phrase somewhere secure (preferably somewhere other than where you stored your login info), re-enter it into the box below and click “Submit”. You will then be returned to the login screen and greeted with a new message that reads:

“Your account has been created. You may now log in.” Next, enter your username and password in the “RETURNING CUSTOMER” section, and then press “Login”.

You will now be logged in to the market and are free to start looking around. Take a moment to read through the information in ToRReZ’s welcome screen. This is vital to your success, and one’s level of knowledge of how the market functions can make or break their experience here.

Setting a PGP Key / 2-FA

Although you can start browsing the market without it, you will need to attach a PGP key to your account in order to receive encrypted communications from other market users. While on the main market homepage, notice how there is a red box above the top listings that says

“You have no 2FA enabled. You are significantly decreasing your account security. Click here to enable it.”

Click this link to begin the PGP upload process. Alternatively, you can go to “My Account” > “Account Security” > PGP. Copy and paste your PGP public key into the corresponding text box.

After you have completed this step, press “Save” to continue. You will now be brought to a screen where you must decrypt a message with the matching private key using your own PGP utility. Copy the contents of the text box, decrypt it in the PGP utility and paste just the code portion of the message in the text box below (note that the message portion usually starts with “ToRReZMarket…”

Press “Save” when you are ready to continue. You will be brought back to the Account screen with two new messages: one telling you your PGP has been set (if you entered the Decrypted Code correctly) and the other saying you still need to set 2-FA. You will see this message in red every time you log in until you turn on 2-FA. This is not such a bad idea because it requires a hacker to have not only your login credentials but also PGP private key to log in to your account.

There are two 2-factor authentication methods of ToRReZ. One is PGP, which means you must perform the additional step outlined above; the other is TOTP, which requires an authenticator service like Google Authenticator (KeePassXC comes standard with TailsOS and is recommended). In this example, we will be choosing the PGP option. After pressing the “PGP” switch, you will see a new encrypted message. Once again, you must decrypt the message and enter the code portion in the text box below and press “Save.”

If everything went according to plan, you will be greeted with a new message that says “PGP two factor authorization has been enabled.” You will now need to decrypt a message with your PGP key every time you want to log in to the market.

Making a Deposit

Although you can make Direct Payments for each order as well, ToRReZ also uses the old school central wallet system, where users are assigned their own accounts and balances are held by the market. To fund your ToRReZ account, first click the account balance (“$0.00” against the red background) toward the upper-right side of the screen. This will take you to your wallet balances and deposit options.

ToRReZ supports four different deposit options: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Zcash (ZEC) and Monero (XMR). While not every vendor supports every option, most vendors accept XMR, which is what we recommend to our readers because of its advanced privacy features. ZEC is also not a bad option, but it is a lot more obscure than ZEC, has weaker privacy controls, and not as readily accepted by vendors. For our example, we will be depositing Monero, so click on the XMR “Deposit” button to get started.

The first thing you’ll need to do is press the orange “Generate Address” button. Note that your address will change after each deposit, and you should only make one deposit to each address. Within a few seconds, new text will appear at the bottom of the screen, showing you a deposit (payment) address and a PGP signed message confirming ToRReZ’s ownership of the address.

The reason behind doing this is because this way you can be absolutely sure you aren’t about to send your money to a scammer. Verifying the message with the ToRReZ PGP key can save you from being phished out of your coins. If you have the slightest doubt about the legitimacy of the market URL, take a minute to double-check and verify the message for yourself.

Keep in mind this potentially reveals your username and XMR address to the dark.fail admin (or others) and uploading the ToRReZ PGP key to your own PGP utility is the best way to ensure privacy when verifying a signature.

Copy the address provided by ToRReZ (begins with “8” for XMR addresses) and paste it into the wallet from which you will be funding your account. Remember to never send coins straight from an exchange and try not to send much more than the amount necessary to cover the cost over the order (item + shipping). We recommend using the Direct Payment option when possible, especially if you don’t trust the market to hold your funds for a substantial period of time.

Browsing ToRReZ

ToRReZ isn’t the best-looking or most easily-navigable darknet market, but it does have a decent amount of filtering options and gets the job done. The main market page adheres to a familiar layout that most experienced darknet market users should be familiar with:

Moving from left to right, top to bottom, we see the standard menu bar with the usual account options, plus balance information. Below is a quick search box that allows you to search by category and ship-to/from preferences. In the left panel are the market’s listing categories along with the option to view ongoing orders. In the main panel is the market’s featured listings, and finally at the bottom are a collection of resources, including links to tutorials that go in depth on some of the topics covered here.

The list of categories (and subcategories) provided by ToRReZ includes:

  • Drugs and Chemicals (Cannabis & Hash, Stimulants, Opiates, Benzos, Ecstasy, Psychedelics, Dissociatives, Prescription Drugs, Steroids, Tobacco, Weight Loss, Accessories)
  • Counterfeit (Watches, Fake IDs, Jewelry, Money, Clothes, Electronics)
  • Software & Malware (Legit, Carded, Botnets, Malware, Trojans, Exploits, Security Software, Crackers)
  • Tutorials and e-books (Social Engineering, Carding, Hacking, Drugs, Money)
  • Services (Social Media, Hosting & VPS, Domains, VPN, RDP, Socks, Carding, Hacking Cracking, Social Engineering)
  • Carded Items
  • Electronics (Laptops, Phones, Clothes)
  • Fraud (Accounts, CVV & Credit Cards, Personal Information, Dumps & Tracks)

Click on a listing to bring up its details.

Here we see some important information about the item, including a summary of the vendor, quantity in stock, price (in different denominations), and ships from/to info. There are also buttons to send the vendor a message and to buy the item. Beneath this are the vendor’s shipping options. Below this is bulk pricing information, followed by tabs featuring an item description, feedback, and the vendor’s refund policy.


Click on a vendor name to bring up their page on ToRReZ.

Here we can see some important information about the vendor: stats pertaining to account age, transactions, positive vs. negative feedback, disputes, and FE eligibility. There are also options to show the vendor’s currently listed items, sending a private message (should be encrypted using the vendor’s PGP key), and to add the vendor to your list of favorites. Beneath this is a summary of buyer feedbacks for the vendor within the last year.

Notice that next to the vendor name there is a label with the word “TOP”. This means this vendor is considered to be in the top 10% of ToRReZ sales volume, which is in turn a judgment of their popularity. Next to this is the vendor’s Verification Level, which lets you know how many other darknet markets this vendor has been verified. In our example, the vendor has only been verified on one other market, but some have been verified on several more.

Clicking on the Verification Level scrolls you down the vendor page and switches open the Historical Feedback tab toward the bottom of the page.

Here you can see all the different markets with which this vendor has been verified as having an account, along with the number of sales the vendor made on each market and their overall rating. Hovering over the feedback tab reveals the option to bring up feedbacks by Positive, Negative or Neutral. Somewhat oddly, there is no way to view all types of feedbacks at once, but you can still get an idea of how many Negatives there are proportional to Positives.

Remember that all you have to rely on when trying to gauge whether or not you will be getting what you wanted is a vendor’s reputation. Without this, they are nothing, and no more trusted than a totally anonymous person, which is not ideal when placing an order on something as sensitive as a darknet market. Therefore, we recommend always going with the more experienced vendor when given a choice.

Seeing as ToRReZ is one of the bigger markets currently out there, you’ll likely have no problem finding an experienced vendor that carries what you are looking for. We don’t recommend ever buying from newbie vendors, even if their price is especially low. Remember: if something looks to good to be true, it usually is.

Another decent way to judge a vendor is by their ratings. Of course, an abundance of positive and lack of negative ratings is a good sign, but in general, 90% good is usually the lower limit of what you should consider acceptable. However, some vendors are good up until they turn bad, so check the vendor’s latest reviews as well.

Here is an example of a vendor you probably won’t want to deal with:

Here you can see this vendor has 1 total transaction, and 1 negative feedback. Hovering over the Feedback tab and selecting Negative Feedback below for this vendor show the following:

Here we can see the type of rating (Negative), the type of listing (Customized Listing), the review, and the dollar amount spent. As you can see this person trusted a brand new vendor for a large sum of money and got burned. This is why its important to always read through the customer feedback before placing an order with a vendor, especially for the first time.

Placing an Order

The order placement system at ToRReZ is relatively simple. After you’ve found an item you wish to order, click on the “Buy Now” button from the general listings page or the “BUY” button on the page for the listing itself. This will bring you to the order placement screen where you will input the quantity of item you wish to purchase, choose your shipping option, and enter your encrypted shipping information.

After setting the Quantity and Shipping Option, scroll down until you see the option to expand the vendor’s public PGP key. Copy this key and import it into your PGP utility. Then, use it to encrypt your shipping information. Don’t forget to make sure you format your address according to the vendor’s specifications (usually found on their page). When encrypted, the shipping info will look something like this:

If you forget to encrypt your shipping info, ToRReZ says they will do it for you, but you should absolutely do it yourself and there is no excuse for sending unencrypted data to the market if you can encrypt it yourself. The entire PGP certificate important and encryption process usually takes less than one minute. After pasting the encrypted shipping info, press “Next”. You will now be brought to the payment selection page.

As we can see, the total price for this order is $42.49, and the vendor accepts all four of ToRReZ’s payment options. For this example, we are selecting XMR (our recommendation, as well). Press “Next” after selecting an option. You will have one more chance to review your order before placing it.

If everything looks good, press the “Place an Order” button to proceed. You will now be brought to a screen with a payment address. Since our account balance is zero, we will need to send a payment to cover the order. You will see the address to which you will send the exact amount requested. You have up to 23 hours for your payment transaction to receive 10 confirmations on the Monero blockchain.

Like your account’s main deposit address, you can verify ToRReZ’s ownership of the order payment address by verifying a signed message from the market that contains it. After payment has been detected, the Received Amount will auto-update to reflect the incoming deposit, and the Remaining Amount will decrease (to zero if you sent the correct amount).

The vendor will then be notified and begin preparing your order for delivery. You can follow the status of your order my clicking the “Your Orders” option under “USER’S MENU” in the left panel. If you are using a vendor that has FE-enabled, you will want to release the funds as soon as the vendor as marked the order as “Shipped”. Otherwise, wait until you receive the order and have determined that it is to your liking before releasing the funds to the vendor.

The vendor has three days to prepare and ship your order before, and the buyer has a week to mark the order as received, or else file a dispute in case the order never arrives. If you do receive the order and it is not to your expectations, you can also file a dispute and be given the chance to explain what happened to a moderator. The vendor will also be given a chance to tell their side of the story, and the moderator will make a decision based on the evidence presented.

Of course, its better to never get to the point of having to dispute an order in the first place, and you can do this by sticking with highly trusted, highly experienced vendors while on ToRReZ.

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In all, ToRReZ is a well-balanced market with a decent number of advanced features that one should desire when using a darknet market. For one, they’ve been in operation for over three years now, which is a sign that they are doing things right. While they do have the standard account wallet system, they also allow direct order payments which minimizes the risk of loss when using the market. ToRReZ’s support of Monero is a plus, as are all the other things they do the protect the safety of their users.

ToRReZ has managed to attract a large assortment of excellent vendors over the years, some of them having racked up thousands of sales across eight or more markets. Their presence serves to confirm the integrity of the market. From what we can tell, ToRReZ takes their operations very seriously and seems to be among the more trustworthy of darknet markets currently in operation.

ToRReZ’s biggest downside is being cluttered by spam listings for digital items that virtually nobody wants. Even if you are looking for physical products, this can still be a problem as apparently there’s not a lot of moderation when vendors erroneously tag their listings. It’s frankly weird that they accept LTC and Zcash as they are largely unpopular among the darknet market audience but being flexible never hurts (although we always recommend sticking with XMR).

In any case, if you follow the steps provided in this guide and mind basic OpSec protocols, you will in all likelihood have a decent experience at ToRReZ. Remember that it never hurts to over-prepare. If you ever have a doubt about something you are about to do, take the time to resolve that doubt before proceeding, as it could mean the difference between a good darknet market experience and a bad one.